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The Park – Review

The Park The Park follows Lorraine, a mother whose son runs back into Atlantic Island Park after its closing, who is now on a path of confronting her own psyche and the reality of where her son is. Developed by Funcom, The Park follows the

Neverending Nightmares – Review Neverending Nightmares Developed by Infinitap Games, LLC, Neverending Nightmares is a psychological horror game that explores Thomas and the mental downfall that has trapped him in his own mind. Inspired by the developer Matt Gilgenbach’s own journey with depression, Neverending Nightmares aims to guide

Fatal Frame V: Maiden of Black Water – Review

Let’s get down on some spooky business. Nintendo America finally released a Fatal Frame game on their new(console) the Wii U. Released in America on October 22nd, 2015, developers of Koei Tecmo have introduced us to another story of Japanese folklore that requires the dark.

Pokemon-20th Anniversary

Let us start out with a big WOOOOOOOOT!!!! Pokemon fans of varying ages are celebrating the 20 years that Pokemon has been on the Nintendo consoles. Ranging from the original brick, the Gameboy, to current gen console, Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon has come a great distance.

Layers of Fear-Official Review

Layers of Fear-Official Review This month, the steam alpha game Layers of Fear had its official release date on February 16th 2016 on multiple platforms, including Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Developed my Bloober Team, this single player, survival horror game takes you on a

Rise of The Tomb Raider-A Review

First and foremost is a great sigh of relief and sadness because now I have to wait another amount of time to play the next Tomb Raider game which sucks, BUT I beat the game and absolutely frickin’ loved it. Rise of the Tomb Raider

Parasite Eve – Retro Review

Lets start with some formalities. Parasite Eve was originally released in 1998 in North America and was published by SquareSoft (back when they were cool), the game was originally released on the PlayStation and is now available for digital download through the PlayStation Store for

Until Dawn-Super Frickin Awesome

Until Dawn is a unique horror game created by Supermassive Games and was released for the PlayStation 4. It is an interesting horror game in that it has a lot of movie like elements that create an amazing playing experience. The story runs on a

Layers of Fear-A Review

Layers of fear is a first-person horror game that takes an interesting twist on what it means to be driven insane. You play as a painter who, as you progress through the game, is gradually losing his mind as he makes progression in finishing his