Alaloth – PAX East Impressions

A time of upheaval and betrayal. Chaos and fantasy! The hooks for Alaloth are there. The game styles itself as an isometric, challenging version of something seen before. Game play was fairly typical and fluid, abilities interesting and unique to your class, and skill trees that have more in common with Vandal Hearts than Diablo.

Perhaps it is better to list the things about this game that are not so typical for its category. Dungeons creatures themselves don’t drop loot themselves, but chests within those dungeons contain the loot for all the creatures you have slain. The game’s antagonist Alaloth continues to build in power throughout the games “Chaos Meter” increases, meaning you can’t rest on your laurels hoarding power like a dragon and expect to make it very far. It challenges you to push yourself faster and faster to accumulate power and take on the challenge of the final boss before he gets you.

Perhaps the element that now draws me most to this game is the promise of real choice in a game of its style. You can be evil and align yourself with selfish and fickle gods, those that of course will challenge Alaloth in his reign. I did not get to test the alignment as much as I would like, but after speaking with the developer I am hopeful that you can be evil and still achieve as much  as if you are good.

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