Next Gen Backwards Compatibility Really Needs to Include This…

All gamers are rejoicing in the fact that it appears that both next gen Playstation and Xbox consoles will include backwards compatibility in some form or another. Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Series X will support all Xbox, 360, and Xbox One games on day one. Sony seems to be following the same path as reports have shown that the architecture of the PS5 will support games all the way back to the original Playstation. This will likely include both physical and digital copies of the games, but there is one feature that I personally would like to see included.It makes sense for purchased games, both physical and digital, to remain compatible, but what hasn’t really been discussed is our ability to access our games library from years of subscribing to either Playstation Plus or Games with Gold. Most console gamers I speak to have significant backlogs of games in these libraries that otherwise won’t be touched once the new generation of consoles comes out. I’ve seen rumors that the consoles may not be launching with a lot of next-gen dedicated games as publishers are waiting until there is saturation in the next gen market. Sony and Microsoft could remedy a shortage of games at launch by supplementing with these libraries. We’ve seen additions like the Bioshock Collection and the Uncharted Collection with Playstation Plus increase the number of games in this backlog in recent months. Many people that will get the the consoles in the launch window are likely dedicated gamers that have been subscribers to these services for years. I personally have been a Playstation gamer since 2008 and Playstation Plus subscriber since 2010. I will be getting the Playstation 5 on launch day and would love to see this feature be integrated and available from day 1. Let’s see what Sony and Microsoft will do for us.

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