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Co-Founder, Director of Marketing & Outreach

Twitter: @ThePerz
PSN: ThePsychicFetus

I reside in the great state of Vermont in the USA and am one of the hosts of Late Night Gamers Podcast, a place where “we make all your gaming habits seem acceptable.” My first console was the NES with Super Mario 3 when I was 4 (my all time favorite console) then got a Game Boy; the first console I purchased myself was a Sega Genesis several years later at a yard sale with a myriad of Disney games and Sonic. I went back to Nintendo for 2 generations; first with the N64 then the GameCube. I currently own an NES, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, PS3, PS Vita and most recently a PS4. I spent my formative years in Detroit (during the Robocop era) and the rest of my educational years in New Hampshire where I became good friends with the rest of the Late Night Gamer crew. I’m married to my absolutely wonderful wife Dana (who tolerates my gaming habits) and we have a cat named Penny (who enjoys watching me play). I have a slightly morbid fascination with the horror genre and don’t discriminate against any game genres. Except for sports games. I don’t like sports games.



Co-Founder, Director of Information Technology

Twitter: @lagbot
Twitch: lagbot7000
Steam: lagbot7000
Battle.net: lagbot#1590
Games: World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Halo, Zelda, Call of Duty

Software engineer, millionaire playboy, world-renowned philanthropist, I’m known for many things, but none more important than the Late Night Gamers Podcast. I grew up on Sega Genesis with my brother, playing the likes of Sonic, Toejam and Earl, and Earthworm Jim to name some favorites. I later switched to the Nintendo crowd with an N64 and a lot of Goldeneye, Ocarina of Time, and Starfox. By that point I’d become a more serious PC gamer, and a bit hesitantly bought the original Xbox, but played the hell out of Halo. I’m currently console-less and spend most of my time playing PC games. I’m a total MMO junkie, with my first and favorite being Asheron’s Call, I’ve played pretty much every major release since Ultima Online and will probably always play World of Warcraft. Nowadays I live in Massachusetts with my fiancée and our dog and cat.


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Co-Founder, Director of Development

Twitter: @Dundled
Steam: Dundle

Born into a pack of wolves (ask me about them) I have a different set of priorities, morals, social mannerisms than the norm. The first console I ever played was the NES where myself and Nick would play Life Force protecting ourselves from rabid brains. The first console I ever owned, and where my unending passion for gaming began, was the N64 with Goldeneye, Mario 64 and Super Smash Bros. People who know me are often perplexed and disturbed by my hunger and singular focus when playing a good game. I have been known to consume 2 Kong Whoppers in a sitting as well as game through a gushing bloody nose while playing Ninja Gaiden. I am currently playing on PC any game that makes my list and seems worthy.



Co-Founder, Director of Media

Twitter: @steveosquared
Steam: steveosquared
Games: (I’ve played too much)  Dota 2, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Terraria, Everquest, Day of Defeat Source

From the fiery pits of a Hawaiian volcano a legendary nerd was born. I was raised in the lost woods of the northeastern United States, where there is nothing to do…. except play video games of course.  Childhood and video games are synonymous to me.  I could memorize codes to gamegenie before I could even read (codes were far more important than in game text).  Although I owned just about every gaming system growing up (yes… even Atari’s Jaguar and one of the most ridiculous handheld gaming systems ever, Lynx), I was especially loyal to nintendo.  NES, Super nintendo, and N64 I still feel had some of the best games of all time. I guess my drive when I was younger to beat (unbeatable) games like Battletoads and Ninja Turtles (unbeatable at least for a child) has shaped my ambition and drive as an adult.  Good thing no one told me how ridiculously hard those games were then or my dreams might have been crushed. Unfortunately, I still can’t beat them… even now.  Currently, I am locked into PC gaming and I spend far too much time grinding out multiplayer games (FPS, MMOs, and more recently MOBAs).  I am currently a graduate student at MIT working on high speed capture of crack propagation and coalescence in shale rock.



Unofficial spokescat for the Late Night Gamers.

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