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Episode 98 – Finding Pleasure in Fallout & Battlefront

Join us this week as we discuss our time with Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront…PLUS…Shady dealings with Green Man Gaming…Important Kickstarter goals…Finding inappropriate pleasure in the PS4…and much more! Subscribe, listen and download at these fine sites: Itunes Soundcloud Podbros Network Stitcher Tell your

Ep 79 – Steam, Streams, and ThinkGeek

Join us this week for some random news, constant rambling, and good intros…Tim hates ThinkGeek…Nintendo denies its new console will run on Android…Steam has started offering full refunds…GameFly announces new game streaming platform…we all remember the Tom Green Show…and burps. Subscribe, listen and download at

Ep 77 – DOOM, Gloom, and Mobile Gaming

Join us this week as we discuss the minimalist sneak peak of DOOM 4…WoW’s surprising drop in subscribers…Konami switches their focus to mobile gaming…Our impressions of Mad Max Fury Road, Ex Machina, Age of Ultron, and Tina Turner…Eras we want FPS games to explore other

Ep 74 – “New” Retro Games

Join Late Night Gamers this week as we discuss Gamestop’s move to buy and sell retro consoles and games—again…Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is rumored…Nintendo’s 3DS gets the Unity Engine…Steve joins us from the abyss with his gaming… iTunes Soundcloud The Pod Bros Network

Ep 72 – Just a Quickie, Zelda

We bring to you a short episode to get you through until our next release! On this episode: Zelda on WiiU is delayed…Walking Dead finale pulls in a lot of viewers…and Charles talks to us from the beyond the airwaves. iTunes Soundcloud The Pod Bros