Maneater – PAX East Impressions

“Man kills 100,000,000,00 sharks a year. Its time to even the score” is one of the taglines of Tripwire Interactive’s new game Maneater. During my time in the game, which was a built in tutorial/origin story, you play as a typical aggressive bull shark. I made the most of my time devouring Mahi Mahi , Sea Turtles, and of course swimmers, boaters, jet skiers and loungers on the beach (who knew sharks had a breathe meter). The play through was enjoyable as you are able to breach the water, launching yourself onto the boats of your victims with glee. True to shark form you get some electro-receptive abilities to detect prey with, as well as well fleshed out  chomping and ripping with your muscular tail. You even get to destroy boats!

It was entertaining, but I did leave feeling a little let down that I couldn’t see a bit of the evolution/leveling of the predator that the game’s marketing indicates you will be able to do in the retail copy. I will be picking it up as I love sharks and enjoyed the experience. Here’s hoping that the execution of the leveling mechanics lives up to the dreams I have.

The game be released to PS4 and XBox on May 22nd and at some future point for PC.

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