Sony’s Worldwide Studios, What’s Left to Announce?

Sony Interactive Entertainment has almost shown off everything their studios have to offer.

So far, we have;

Bend Studio – Days Gone
Guerrilla Games – Horizon: Zero Dawn
Naughty Dog – Uncharted: The Lost Legacy & The Last of Us Part II
Polyphony Digital – Gran Turismo Sport
Media Molecule – Dreams
Santa Monica Studio – God of War & The Modern Zombie Taxi Co
Japan Studio – Knack 2, Deep Down, Gravity Rush 2, Patapon Remaster, PaRappa the Rapper Remastered, Locoroco Remastered, No Heroes Allowed! DASH!, Hot Shots Golf, and V! What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord? R
San Diego Studio – MLB: The Show 17 & StarBlood Arena
ForwardWorks – Acr the Lad, Wild Arms, PaRappa the Rapper, Hot Shots Golf, Doko Demo Issho, and My Summer Vacation

While this list is a lot, we still don’t know what a few developers are up to.

First off, we have PixelOpus. PO confirmed earlier in the year that they’d be working on a new IP. While we only know of their game Entwined, released back in 2014, they said that their next game will be much larger in scale and production. I highly anticipate this announcement becuase we don’t know what this game is or what it’s about!

Now we have Manchester Studio, which use to be known as North West Studio. We only know that they’re hiring but rumors are going around that they have about 5 games in development for PS VR.

London Studio recently dropped PlayStation VR Worlds and now we don’t have a clue what’s coming out of there. The studio was hit with massive layoffs in fall 2016 and we don’t know which team got laid off since there’s two teams. Either way, I can see a SingStar being in development since it’s been about 2 years since we last had one. DanceStar 3 could also happen from the second team at London Studio. As for the main team, I think it’s safe to say a new IP will happen. Could be PS4 only, a PS5 title, a VR supported title. Who knows, but with the recent release of PlayStation VR Worlds, whatever it is must be is far out.

Guerrilla Cambridge is next up. While this team just got done with RIGS: Mechanized Combat Leauge, many believe that they’re already working on their next game. Some think it’s a Killzone, taking the IP from Guerrilla Games, some even think it’s a new Wipeout now that the team at Studio Liverpool have been disbanded for years. I haven’t seen anyone think they’ll do a new IP, but a majority actually think it’s gonna be a new MediEvil since they are the original studio to make it as Sony seems to be going back to old IPs. What would be insanely awesome is a Primal Reboot or a Primal 2!

Sucker Punch Productions is the final studio that nobody knows what they’re doing. Many rumors suggest that they would be working on a new Spider-Man game but that was basically canned once Insomniac was revealed to be working on it. So, from here we have one of two choices. A new inFamous game or a new IP. While many want a new inFamous, they also believe it won’t happen because there have been so many inFamous games in a row. I 100% agree. I also don’t think a Sly Cooper game will come from them, if anything a new one from Sanzaru Games to go alongside the new movie.

Now that’s only 14 studios, which you might be saying, “but Alpha, there’s 16 studios”. While you are correct, San Mateo Studio and Foster City Studio only help develop games for other first party studios. While they could potentially make games, I don’t see it happening.

Sony has a lot of talent between all these studios, they just need to space all these announcements. Getting rid of Sony Online Entertainment (now DayBreak Games) was a smart move. However, closing studios like Evolution (now thankfully picked up), Zipper, and others was such a bad move. Imagine getting a new SOCOM or a new Motorstorm! But, now they’re moving their IPs like Wipeout to new studios. Anyways, there’s so many games coming from Sony XDEV Europe as well as building engines for studios thanks to Naughty Dog’s ICE Team. So regardless, there’s enough content for all gamers to enjoy! From kids games like Dreams and Knack 2 to large scale, high action games like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Days Gone to new IPs from studios left and right, Sony will always surprise us!

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