Agony Demo – First Impressions

Agony is a First Person Survival Horror game from Mad Mind Studios. Agony is currently in alpha phase and is being managed and developed by 9 individuals. Something that is unique with this game is its visuals. As a society, there is something inside of us that draws us to look at some sick and twisted things. Take the movie SAW for example; sickened by what we were viewing but just could not look away. Agony offers this.


You begin the demo by listening to a narrative offered from the protagonist who talks about knowing that She is the key to leaving the hell you have arrived in. Everything that surrounds you is made of flesh, bone and organs. You move through hallways that are arched with teeth through the many mouths of hell. The Goddess is a recurring theme as you figure out how to leave. How come you are here? Who are the demons with forked heads? What is the purpose of this place?


The protagonist has some neat abilities which allows him to possess lower leveled demons and allows for some manipulations of people present. Something that was absent from the demo was dialogue with NPC’s which led to limitations on understanding what the story of Agony is, but it leaves the mystery of the story present, which in these days it is almost a privilege with gaming. The environment, while amazingly grotesque is absolutely astounding. It is terrifying because the constructs are purely human and represent the flesh broke apart and punished. This game is not for the feint of heart due to the gore and the amount of nudity involved, but it speaks to the vulnerability that can be present in hell.


The Agony Demo is available on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam and is set to release in 2017. With this Kickstarter demo out for those to view or play, I feel that this game has a lot of potential to break the boundaries of how we look at the survival horror genre.

Impression by Meghan Rodriguez

Twitter: collins_m81

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