Bloodroots – Pax East Impressions (Belated)

I had been under the impression that this game was coming out much later, but then realized that it was on Epic Games and PS4 now! I recall playing this at PAX East in 2018. Playing as Wolf, a mountain man with the pelt of a wolf over your head you enact vengeance on those who left you for dead. The hook of this game is that the world is your weapon. Though you must be careful as only a few hits will do you in, everything in the world is a potential weapon. Fish over the fire? Yes. Wagons? Yes. Wheels from those wagons? Yes. Fence posts? Yes. More? Yes, yes, yes. I plan on getting this game for PS4 soon. But overall impressions are that this will be a fun romp of a game.

Bloodroots is available on PC (Epic Games Store, potentially Steam in the future), PS4, and Switch.

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