Apex Legends Needs to Add a New Permanent Mode

I’ve been solidly playing Apex Legends for over a year now and have enjoyed (almost) every moment of it. Season 1 showed us the basics of gameplay, the standard legends, the joy of the the Skull Piercer attachment, and exploration of King’s Canyon. Season 2 saw a number of changes to King’s Canyon with flying creatures, lab tunnels and Octane’s bmx arena (at least that’s what it looked like to me). We also got teased with solos and duos modes. Season 3 brought us to the new map, World’s Edge, that seemed much larger and considerably more spread out. Each season has had character specific limited time events, limited time solos or duos, and other special modes as well.

Season 4 has undoubtedly been a blast, except for the most recent mode, Deja Loot, which was likely my least favorite of all. This event did bring us back to King’s Canyon for a limited amount of time which gave players the opportunity really feel the difference between the two maps and the play styles that accompany them. This is most likely Respawn testing their ability to have the maps active simultaneously so that they can introduce King’s Canyon as a regular addition to your Apex experience. I appreciate the different limited time modes that have been offered and have given us a way to play the game differently, but I think that a new mode needs to be added permanently to the roster of game options. The standard game has three-person squads which is the same whether you play in Ranked or Standard Apex modes. One of my favorite modes, and the mode that I think should be a permanent addition to the game, is Duos. Duos kept the squad-based nature of the game while changing the meta enough that it felt like a completely different experience. There are more squads in the game (30 rather than 20) which can really enhance the chaos of a hot drop onto Mirage Voyage or Skull Town. Duos also lends itself well to finding character pairs that are true partnerships. In the coming weeks we will see another limited time event, but I think the game needs a mode with a bit more permanence that allows people to really get a handle on the changes and settle in. Will Respawn add King’s Canyon to the regular roster of maps soon? Will they add a permanent Duos mode (or any other permanent modes)? I think the Apex community is really looking for another way to play and would welcome an addition to the permanent family of options.

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