Torey’s E3 2017 Predictions

E3 is a week away and plenty of big games are getting announced ahead of the show. It’s time to get excited!

Taking place from June 11-15 in Los Angeles(if you include the conferences outside of E3), it’s where all the big guns announce their exciting new games which will be launching in the busy holiday season and beyond. This year we’ve also got the bonus of new hardware, with the Nintendo Switch making its E3 debut and Microsoft’s Xbox One successor – Project Scorpio – being fully unveiled. June is set to be an early Christmas for fans. Here’s everything I foresee being shown.

  1. Scorpio is the obvious thing here we know the basic idea of it but its time for a release date, price & the finer details & ofcourse games that will support the new iteration of Xbox. Will likely be a November release date.

2. Crackdown 3 will be shown via a 5 minute gameplay segment ending with the release date likely to be in November same day as Scorpio.

3. Halo 5, Gears 4, & Killer Instinct will all receive free 4K resolution updates & ofcourse be shown.

4. Forza 7 announced with a release date. This is obviously a pretty safe bet with there ALWAYS being some iteration of the Forza series being released each year.

5. Cuphead Demo & release date, we saw Cuphead in action a couple years ago but for the most part its been silent since. I expect we finally get a release date set for this fall possibly sooner.

6.  even though we recently we saw Sea of Thieves be delayed into 2018 I still foresee it being shown here & possibly it being given a spring 2018 release date.

7. Shadow of War was recently delayed aswell, but since MS has the marketing rights I can see it having a trailer during the conference.

In closing for Xbox I’m sure they will have many other 3rd party games with them & 343 has recently denied Halo 6 will be there in any form but I’m pretty sure they will close with a Halo 6 teaser.

  1. Battlefront 2 Demo showing some of the new modes & eras being added in Battlefront 2
  2. Need for Speed: Payback game play reveal & different mode details.
  3. EA Sports will have its usual segment with Madden, UFC, NBA, Fifa etc.
  4. Viscerals new Star Wars game may get some kind of teaser to close out the conference
  5. Battlefield may make some sort of appearance not necessarily a new game but may an update.
  6. Bio wares new IP will get a teaser despite also being recently delayed.

  1. Wolfenstein: A New Colossus was teased last year but but I feel it will be fully revealed this year at Bethesda’s conference and will have a spring 2018 release date.
  2. Quake Champions will receive an update with game play & a release date along with a PS4/X1 version coming alongside PC.
  3. The next Elder Scrolls game will get announced.
  4. Elder Scrolls Legends the digital card game that was announced last year will receive an update.

1. Far Cry 5 was recently announced & a trailer was released but at the conference we will see a full game play demo released.

2. We have been seeing some leaks on the supposed next iteration of the Assassins Creed franchise “Assassins Creed: Origins” which is based in Egypt will have an October release date.

3. South Park Fractured but Whole recently got a release date again but im sure we will see a game play segment at the conference.

4. The Popular PC RTS game Anno will get its next installment announced.

5. Just Dance 2018 will have its usual dance segment.

6. The Crew 2 & possibly a new Trials game will be announced at the conference aswell.

Before I get into my predictions for Playstation I just want to say Playstation PLEASE give us release dates for the dozen or so exclusives both 3rd & 1st party that we have known about for years but still no release dates.

  1. Spyro Trilogy remaster… We have been getting remasters of some of the popular PS1 games like (Crash, Wipeout, Jak & Daxter) so I can see this remaster happening.
  2. Sucker Punches new game potentially new IP will be announced but I feel it will be a new Sly Cooper game or a reboot of Sly 1 which will get a treatment like Ratchet & Clank did last year.
  3. Spider man will have a game play segment but will not release this year.
  4. God of War will get another game play demo but receive a Spring 2018 release date.
  5. GT Sport will have a trailer & receive a release date of potentially this fall.
  6. Third Party games will be present like Red Dead 2, Battlefront 2, CoD WW2, Destiny 2.
  7. PSVR sizzle reel of upcoming PSVR titles.
  8. PS4 Pro 50 dollar price drop
  9. lastly Days Gone will be at the conference in a big way potentially getting a fall release date.

  1. Super Smash Brothers Deluxe will be announced at E3 with a release date of this fall.
  2. Splatoon 2 Trailer detailing the story campaign & some new MP modes.
  3. Mario Odyssey game play demo & release date given.
  4. Nintendo Switch’s paid online will be fully detailed & the E Shop will go online shortly after the Direct.
  5. Potentially some Zelda stuff
  6. A new Metroid game for Nintendo Switch.

I know alot I have listed is some pretty obvious stuff but it seems like everyone is relatively predictable this year. I do hope however there is some big unexpected surprises for all of us. Stay tuned to Late Night Gamers for all the E3 Coverage!

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