This Week In PlayStation [1/7/17-1/13/17]

Welcome! This is the first “This Week In PlayStation! Here is here I compiled what has basically happened in the past week in the world of PlayStation!

A new PS4 color has been announced! See what it is!

We have the closure of the amazing Guerrilla Cambridge who’s been a studio for 19 years. My message to Guerrilla & Announcement of Closure

After almost 10 years, the Uncharted movie finally has a script! Praise Shuhei!

Japan Studio’s Project Siren team is close to being done with the Gravity Rush 2 DLC! Keiichiro Toyama says something great about post-DLC days!

Dirt Rally gets a PS VR version, finally! See how much it’ll cost!

PS4 has won NPD for December! Look at how much they sold in all of 2017!

Guerrilla Games shows off a new story trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn! Check out the trailer here

The PS4 4.5 Beta signups are live! Go sign up, you might get accepted to test great new features for Sony! The Beta Announcements

Nomura gives us updates on Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII: Remake! Wish they’d release now!

Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that Sony has even MORE to announce for exclusives this year. It’s absolutely INSANE! See what I think there might be!


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