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DiRT 4 announced, coming soon!

The wonderful people at Codemasters have announced DiRT 4! One sweet thing about 4 is the team at Codemasters wants to blend the hardcore elements of Rally with the easy to use 2 and 3! “DiRT 4 features a game-changing system called Your Stage; an

New Tekken 7 details!

Hello friends and fans of LNGamers.com, I’m happy to announce that Tekken 7 is coming to PS4 (and Xbox One) on June 2nd, 2017! “Tekken 7 represents the final chapter of the 20-year-long Mishima feud. Experience the epic showdown to the emotionally charged family warfare

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, Alpha here! I would just like to wish everyone, on behalf of the LNG crew, a safe, happy, and fun New Year! 2016 has been quite the crazy year in the gaming industry and there a lot to look forward to! While I

Hue [Review]

Title: Hue Format: PSN (246MB) Release Date: August 30th, 2016 Publisher: Curve Digital Developer: Fiddlesticks Original MSRP: $14.99 ESRB Rating: E PS4 Pro Support: No PS VR Support: No  Hue. This little indie darling is one of a kind. The story is short and simple: Hue is creating rifts in the

[Warning: 18+] A Look At Agony!

WARNING: THIS GAME IS VERY GRAPHIC. VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK! Welcome to the world of Agony! This game was, and still is, a Kickstarter title coming to PS4, Xbox, and PC in 2017. Agony is a First-Person Survival Horror game set in hell, and oh

E3 2016 Recap: Microsoft Conference

Microsoft came out strong this year for their E3 conference. Opening the conference with the Xbox One S. The new Xbox One S is 40% smaller, will come with a 2 TB HD and will support 4k video. The sleek new hardware will cost $299