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Most Downloaded PS4 Games of 2016!

Every year Sony lists the most downloaded games on PSN. This year, it surprisingly wasn’t Uncharted 4, Call of Duty, or FIFA taking #1. Most downloaded PS4 games in 2016 (North America) Rocket League Battlefield 1 Minecraft Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Tom Clancy’s The

[Warning: 18+] A Look At Agony!

WARNING: THIS GAME IS VERY GRAPHIC. VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK! Welcome to the world of Agony! This game was, and still is, a Kickstarter title coming to PS4, Xbox, and PC in 2017. Agony is a First-Person Survival Horror game set in hell, and oh

Alpha’s PSX 2016 Predictions!

PSX is almost here, so we definitely need to talk about a few things. Codes: Blue – Exclusive Grey – Sony Exclusive Red – Timed Exclusive Orange – Console Exclusive Purple – Marketing Deal Games Announced PaRappa the Rapper reboot Marvel vs Capcom 4 Sucker Punch’s

Uncharted 4 MP Bounty Hunters DLC Stream Dated

Naughty Dog are planning on live-streaming footage from the next Uncharted 4 MP. DLC pack next week.     Naughty Dog has promised the stream on their blog, expecting it to start at 10:30am PDT / 1:30pm EDT / 7:30pm CEST on Wednesday, September 21. “We’ll be

April PS Plus Title Leak

It seems as though one of the PS4 PS Plus titles has leaked in the way of PSN Pre-Order Refunds. A Friend of mine posted a picture via Twitter of a PSN notification saying “Thank you for your recent Preorder of Dead Star on PS4. We’re

Are You Playing Destiny on Playstation 4?

Well then it’s about time you joined our Playstation clan, Late Nite Guardians. We know that “night” is spelled wrong, but another group of no-gooders stole the name out from under us. Thank you xXShifftyXx (@shiffty25) for creating the clan and getting a great group of