Are You Playing Destiny on Playstation 4?

Well then it’s about time you joined our Playstation clan, Late Nite Guardians. We know that “night” is spelled wrong, but another group of no-gooders stole the name out from under us. Thank you xXShifftyXx (@shiffty25) for creating the clan and getting a great group of people to play together. The clan has members from across the world and we have a weekly scheduled time slot of Fridays at 11:00pm CST (12:00am EST) to get together and tackle raids, strikes, help out other members in leveling up or just own in a couple Crucible matches. “We are a tight family of friends who all share common goals: play Destiny, make friends, and have fun!” You too can be a Late Nite Guardian, just follow this link and join: Late Nite Guardian Clan. We’ll see you out there!

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