REVIEW: Late Shift

The game is a decision-based thriller much like the famous Telltale games, however it usually has 2 decisions that tend to be 1 decision based on a passionate, spur-of-the-moment type personality where as the other will be a much more conservative, self-preservation, rational view. For some it might seem simplistic, I sure did, but it makes it much more interesting when you get to big, life or death situations that force you into these mindsets. All decisions have quite a rapid countdown that had me picking a choice I wasn’t always happy with – in the end this was much more immersive as the character we play as, Matt, would only have these few seconds to make a choice such as the ones we make in the game. I found that unlike many choice-based games they definitely seemed to take serious influence especially at the end of my first run, it all sort of came together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle. The game has 7 different possible endings some with minor changes others with drastic changes. I acquired all  7 possible endings during my time reviewing Late Shift to have a full perspective on how the story is.

The story itself was fantastic, like a good book, multiple things are pieced together by the end and your choices seem to definitely have an effect. It takes the story of Matt, all we get unfortunately, a young student in London. During a late night shift at a valet agency his life is flipped upside down and he is thrown into a high stakes crime-heist story of survival in a world you know nothing about. It had be gripped early on and constantly was considering if my decisions were the right thing, what I would’ve actually done and their associated consequences with the law and other after-affects.

Must say that I am not at all educated in acting but I felt convinced but quite a few characters with some being slightly goofy but I imagine that was their personalities. I felt that maybe the main character was a little too rapidly progressing in his character development but it was only a minimal gripe, probably more deserving to be in the segment about the story rather than the acting but whatever. The casting seemed solid and that’s really all I’m comfortable to say about the acting.

My conclusion  is the game is fun & has a well written story but If you are not into this kind of game or wanting to take the time to see all the endings & how they differ (especially right now with the massive amount of games releasing) I would hold off for it to go on sale or when you have some downtime between new game releases.  Score: 9/10

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