Narrative & Insanity Difficulties Return to Mass Effect Andromeda

Lead Designer Ian Frazier revealed on twitter that Mass Effect: Andromeda will feature the “Narrative” Difficulty mode that Mass Effect 3 featured which made Shepard incredibly hard to kill. You would essentially have to position yourself in front of a group of enemies and just wait for them to kill you which would normally take a few minutes to do. It also upped Shepard’s damage output to where you could kill some of the hardest enemies in the game with a small amount of bullets.

To some this kind of difficulty may sound a bit silly, but there is really no harm in having this difficulty mode for those that want to focus on story and not worry about overly difficult battles if they don’t have themselves properly geared for the task. Those who are looking for it however will be happy to know Insanity Difficulty is making a return and will be available from the start and will not have to be unlocked by completing the game first.

Whats your take on Difficulty levels, do you like to see games cater to all players regardless of their skill?

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