Mass Effect: Andromeda Combat & Skills Detailed

Bioware & EA released the first of a series of game play videos with this one detailing combat & skills system in Mass Effect: Andromeda today.

Enemies in Mass Effect: Andromeda have similar color patterns indicating their strengths. Yellow enemies are armored and immune to certain weapons & abilities, while blue enemies are using shields that will recharge if they are not eliminated in a timely manner.

The skill trees can be changed on the fly during your game. They are broken down into three categories; Combat, Tech & Biotic. ¬†Combat skills encompass things like increased weapon damage and ability to use grenades, mines, and increase your accuracy. Tech skills let you augment your weapons with things like Cryo-beam & Flamethrower capabilities. Assault turrets can also be deployed as well as draining your enemy’s shield energy to weaken them.

Biotics have always been present in the Mass effect Series, however it has a more up close and personal impact on combat in Andromeda. An example used in the video was you can pull & throw enemies. These let you take control of an enemy and draw it toward you to use as a shield or propel as a weapon into another group of enemies.

Other than Multiplayer we have seen most of the core basics of Andromeda’s game play. I expect with just over a month to release they will begin talking about & showing the Multiplayer in the coming weeks. ¬†What do you think of the combat and skills of the newest Mass Effect Title? let us know in the comments below!

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