N7 Day 2016 Roundup

Monday (11/7/16) was the community N7 day for Mass Effect & Bioware celebrated by releasing a new Trailer & Details for Mass Effect Andromeda.

Sadly no exact release date was announced but they have said the full game play reveal will be shown at The Video Game Awards next month. Along with the trailer many SKUs became available for pre-order:

  • Deluxe Edition ($69.99) includes: Pathfinder Casual Outfit, Scavenger Armor, Pathfinder Elite Weapon Set (4), Pet Pyjak (Monkey), Digital Soundtrack, Multiplayer Deluxe Launch Pack $5 Value
  • Collectors Edition ($199.99): Remote Control nomad ND1 which comes with a LE Steel Book case but no game is included
  • Collectors Edition ($99.99): Die cast Nomad ND1 includes a Steel book aswell but no game. (in case your wondering this is just a statue no remote control capability)

Also if you signed up as part of the Andromeda Initiative you got an extra N7 day Trailer that gave alittle more details on the games story.

We already know that it has been said that Andromeda will focus heavily on exploration. I get the drift from this video that there may be some base building involved along with the usual Ship & Nomad upgrades. In conclusion Mass Effect Andromeda is looking to be a great new entry and I am very much looking forward to hearing more on the game at The Game Awards Next month.

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