Dark Fear – Review

A tribute to the style of Sierra games, Dark Fear brings back a classic game play style that older generations can relive and provides a new gameplay experience for a newer generation of gamers. Developed by Arif Games, Dark Fear has brought a unique horror experience to the present gaming industry.

Waking up in a log cabin, not knowing who you are, you work to find lighting to see where you are and to find any clues as to how you ended up in this place. You turn to see a picture of an older man that has a familiarity about him. When you break out of the cabin, that is when the journey into the valley begins. You stumble upon a town and meet a black smith who tells you that the valley is cursed…

There are many aspects of this game that I found terrifying, which I think can be a challenge for games in this unique style of play. With a 2D game play and the simplicity involved, you would think that the scares would be hard to come by, but that is completely wrong. It is strategically planned in an unsuspecting way that caused me to throw my lap top twice. With an enchanting soundtrack and an exploration of many areas, Dark Fear immerses one in the story and the travels in which the character must go through.

The game involves a fighting mechanic in which most are familiar; an RPG style type system. The puzzles that lead the player through the story are fun and challenging and normally end with one surprise or another which keeps one on their toes. One of my favorite features was the hunting and fishing options to make quick money and to upgrade the armor you need to progress through the game.

The scares, the story, the puzzles, and the overall uniqueness of this game kept me busy for a good chunk of time. I recommend this game to anyone who wants to reminisce on the good ol’ days and re-experience gaming of the 80’s and for someone who wants to indulge in a unique gaming experience that is rare these days. Dark Fear is available on PC (Steam), iOS, and Android for $3.99. You can follow the developer Arif Games at @arifgames on Twitter.

Review by Meghan Rodriguez-Twitter: @collins_m81

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