Friday the 13th: The Game – Gameplay World Premier Revealed


Last night Gun Media showed off the first gameplay footage of Friday the 13th: The Game coming this fall to PS4, Xbox One and Steam and it gets me excited for its release.

The footage, still in Early Alpha, started with Jason standing in the woods at Camp Crystal Lake with his mother speaking to him in his mind. She tells him that the counselors need to pay. As the clip continues Jason walks his ominously slow walk and a symbol pops up showing the player (Jason) that there is a sound that should be checked out. It appears that the player can pull up a map of the area and fast travel to where the sound came. A counselor is there and Jason picks her up by the throat, slams her face onto some rocks, and completes a back breaker. That’s our first view of Jason’s kill abilities. There is an ability wheel in the bottom right of the screen which appears that Jason will have four or more choices to use when traversing the world and killing counselors. It is unclear how these are attained, whether they are on a timer, are awarded through gameplay achievements. Another ability appears to show a sort of red x-Ray vision that helps Jason detect his victims inside buildings. ¬†Later we see him slam a counselor’s face into the wall of a cabin stab his signature machete through a bed where a counselor is hiding. Prior to this last kill we’re shown how counselor players can divert the attention of Jason by turning on a radio and opening a window to make them believe the counselor escaped and then hiding under the bed. As the counselor is hiding, Jason comes into view and we get the sound that we love and hate: ch-ch-ch ha-ha-ha.

Overall, I think Gun Media showed off enough of the graphics, gameplay mechanics, signature kills, and character models to whet the appetite of gamers and horror fans alike. Personally I’m really excited to see more and I can’t ¬†wait to get a hands on with Jason’s arsenal of signature kills. You can preorder the game now at

By Nick Perzanoski

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