Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary announcment incoming

Square-Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto revealed in a recent interview with popular gaming magazine Famitsu that the company will soon announce plans for the Final Fantasy series’ 30th anniversary.

December 18th will mark this highly significant occasion for one of gamings most beloved and iconic franchises, leading many to speculate an announcement sometime within the next week. The only anniversary plans announced by Square-Enix thus far is a Final Fantasy XIV themed real escape game available in Zepp locations across Japan beginning February 10th next year.


Rumours are abound regarding the announcement ranging from a collection of Final Fantasies I-IX for current gen systems to a collection of every game in the main series as well as deeply connected sequels and spin offs, arranged soundtracks, and even action figures and statues.

An HD remaster of Final Fantasy XII subtitled The Zodiac Age is due for release next year and will likely be a flagship title in what is almost certainly going to be a full years worth of celebration.

With the recent highly successful and well recieved release of Final Fantasy XV as well as the continuing love and support for Final Fantasy XIV, now is a perfect time for Square to harness the goodwill surrounding the franchise which had fallen into stagnation in recent years.

Exciting times indeed for long time fans. Hopefully Square won’t keep us waiting too long

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