Cities Skylines Playstation 4 Edition Review

  1. Cities Skylines is a fresh city building experience that has just made its debut on PlayStation 4.

The gameplay is relatively simple such as building roads, water lines, and electric lines. The game sets you out with a certain amount of money which is easy to burn through quickly. I found myself running out of money quickly and having to raise taxes for both residential and industry. As your city grows you unlock more roads, buildings, economic abilities, etc. It can sometimes be difficult to keep all of your citizens happy and sometimes you must make sacrifices which added some difficulty to the game. There are some small issues with the gameplay. Such as not being able to change the zone type without taking away its current zone, as well as some performance issues.

Performance can sometimes leave something to be desired. I played the game on the PS4 Pro, and it hit a solid 60 FPS most of the time, but when you zoom in far enough I get slowdowns around the low 20’s. I would describe the performance as “good enough”.

Controls also could have been an issue, going from mouse and keyboard to a controller. But I’m happy to say the game makes the tradition smoothly and it feels great to navigate the menues.

All in all, Cities Skylines PlayStation 4 Edition is a solid value at $39.99.


*A review code was provided for the game.

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