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Super Bomberman R Review

With the launch of a new Nintendo console in the Switch comes as brand new game from a classic franchise. Bomberman makes its long awaited return in the all new Super Bomberman R. The multiplayer focused games are remembered and loved by many for it’s

How Will the Switch Affect the Market?

Nintendo is brave to launch a handheld type console in 2017, with mobile gaming the largest it’s ever been. How might it affect video game consoles of the future? Will Sony move forward with its Switch like handheld patent? Or maybe even Microsoft will jump

Nintendo Switch Review

The next piece of hardware from Nintendo is finally here. The Switch is Nintendo’s stab at a home console – handheld hybrid and it nails it. Having a system that looks and feels great in portable mode that can then be plugged into the dock

Nintendo Switch Indie Overload!

Nintendo is within days of launching the Switch, and the news of upcoming games keeps coming. Today Nintendo revealed a huge list of indie games coming to the console this year. Among that list are some heavy hitters like Shovel Knight, Overcooked, Yooka- Laylee, and

Snipperclips to be available for Switch launch

Surprise! The Co-op puzzle game Snipperclips is set to be available for the March 3rd launch of the Nintendo Switch. Snipperclips quickly became one of the more talked about Switch titles at many events showing off the new Nintendo console. It will be available from the

Nintendo Switch event!

Updated in real time, watch live Twitch.TV/Nintendo President of Nintendo up now March 3rd for $299 Online will be subscription based Nintendo Switch won’t be region locked Battery life is 2.5-6 hours, depending on title USB Type-C charging Screenshots and video recording coming 1, 2,

Super Mario Run [REVIEW]

Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s first officially licensed mobile game using their beloved character, Mario. It is an auto-runner that is touted as having the ability to be played with a single hand. Although the concept seems like it should work for this genre of sidescrolling

Nintendo Switch Revealed

Nintendo Revealed Thursday morning what the long rumored and anticipated NX truly is, and for the most part its everything we had already heard which is not a bad thing. The Next Home console from Nintendo is now titled Nintendo Switch which is a hybrid

Nintendo Tight-Lipped on NX over Special “Idea”

From the mouth of the man himself, Miyamoto had this to say: “In terms of NX, there’s an idea that we’re working on. That’s why we can’t share anything at this point, and I don’t want to comment on the other companies. If it was

Pokemon-20th Anniversary

Let us start out with a big WOOOOOOOOT!!!! Pokemon fans of varying ages are celebrating the 20 years that Pokemon has been on the Nintendo consoles. Ranging from the original brick, the Gameboy, to current gen console, Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon has come a great distance.