Super Bomberman R Review

With the launch of a new Nintendo console in the Switch comes as brand new game from a classic franchise. Bomberman makes its long awaited return in the all new Super Bomberman R. The multiplayer focused games are remembered and loved by many for it’s simple yet fun gameplay and this game will definitely play off of that nostalgia.

The gameplay sticks to its roots. You move around a series of levels placing bombs to blow up bricks revealing nifty power ups to help in also blowing up your enemies. All while trying to not blow yourself in the process. Starting off with one bomb and a smaller blast radius, power ups give the player things like more bombs to drop or larger blast zones. Each world having its own unique feel mixes up the setting nicely. The enemy variety keeps you on your toes as you progress around each level. The game does a good job at making each level feel different by adding different mechanics also, like a portal with never ending enemy spawns or switches to change the landscape. You will find verticality  plays a roll in many levels. With a small puzzle element of shifting areas around to change your path to help you achieve your goal.  Mixing in different objectives in order to complete each level keeps things interesting as well. Maybe you need to destroy all the enemies on a given map or you might be tasked with collecting keys hidden throughout the level.  Everything felt very polished and well crafted with no real performance issues.

The story mode is rather short and that is disappointing. In total there are 50 stages spanning 6 worlds and they go by quick. Some of the voice acting felt a little off and forced even, but for the most part it actually came across rather charming. Each world has its own feel culminating in a unique boss. Each boss then having two phases to each battle with different mechanics you must figure out in order to defeat them. The boss battles were surprisingly difficult also. I found myself dying rather frequently. Never frustrated but laughing quite a bit and having a good time. Running out of lives will cost you some in game currency called Gems however in order to continue without starting over. Luckily you gain that currency quickly and easily so you shouldn’t find yourself without any. That is gained just by completing tasks like finishing worlds in story mode. Those Gems are also used to unlock things such as costumes or new levels. Co-op is fun as well and made rather easy by use of the joy cons.

Battle mode is just as many will remember. Gathering friends to battle in different arenas. This particular game supports up to eight players on the same screen, four in tablet mode, and it can get rather chaotic. The options for customizing your games for local battle are nice. Setting time, number of rounds, revenge carts, or start positions add some variety.  The online matchmaking was fast. I was able to find matches easily and there was little to no latency while playing either. The feel and style of classic Bomberman but playing with others online was refreshing.

Overall I have enjoyed my time with Super Bomberman R so far. I look forward to continuing to play it more. Although for the price, $50, I do wish there was a little more to it. Some may find it a little shallow for that price point. But it looks and plays great. Whether you are playing co-op or online you will find yourself smiling during your time playing it. It’s a game you can enjoy with your family or grab some friends and have some fun as well. Having it for on the go can make for some random good times.

Cory J

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