‘Super Mario Run’ Launches Today on iOS!


Nintendo’s first mobile game “Super Mario Run” launches today! Gamers will be able to play this sidescrolling auto-runner on iOS today, with Android devices being supported in early 2017. The game is available for free, but will limit the number of levels that are available. Players can sample a few levels to decide if they want to spend the $9.99 price tag of the full game. Levels look like an updated crisper version of SNES or NES Super Mario games that we all love. In World Tour there are 6 worlds with a total of 24 courses that players will be able to explore; all built around one-handed use. There is also Toad Rally where players will compete to show off their moves and Kingdom Builder which will let you design your own Mario world.


I have to say that it’s been quite a while since I’ve been excited for something by Nintendo, but I think this retro style mobile game is going to breathe some fresh air into the Mario ┬áseries and Nintendo in general.

Pick up your copy now and look for a review of Super Mario Run on LNGamers.com in the coming days!

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