Rumor: Lego City Undercover PS4, Xbox One & Switch Release Date

Back in November the Official Lego Twitter account announced that Lego City Undercover previously released on Wii U back in 2013 would be making its way over to PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch. All that was said was that it would be coming in “Spring of 2017”.


However it seems the release date has been outed on Amazon US  as Tuesday April 4th, 2017. However it is still listed on Game stop, Target & Walmart websites as an April 30th release but that is on a Sunday and we all know games release for the most part on Tuesday or Friday. Its safe to say the release date listed on Amazon US is the release date but until we hear officially from Warner Brothers I will still chalk this up to a rumor. Are you looking forward to playing Lego City Undercover on PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch? or did you get to play it on Wii u? let us know what you think!


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