REVIEW: Mass Effect Andromeda

Minor bugs here and there aren’t too big of a deal. Had one major bug that was “my fault” because I skipped a conversation in the beginning and it wouldn’t let me open the very first door in the game. Other than that, fairly smooth so far.

Graphics are about where I’d expect for a Mass Effect game; and this is especially true for a different team (from my limited understanding) of BioWare’s people working on it from ME1-3.

I am personally not too much of a fan on how the leveling system goes as it doesn’t appear to me that it matters too greatly one side to the other which class you choose in the beginning. For instance, you choose a Leader who has one ability in each of the skill sets either equipped or unlocked for an earlier purchase but you can choose almost anything out of the all tech trees for abilities. It seems nice, and very well may be exactly what some may want, but it just makes me wonder why I even decided on a Bio/Tech class when I can just go full Combat if I want to; not bad, just seems strange to me. (Later on I discovered “Profiles” which will make a whole lot more sense when you get there.)

Dialogue seems okay, I’m not too picky about this area but it seems like some of the lines that your squad mates have/their decisions can be a little annoying. I’m not terribly far in the game but as of right now I absolutely HATE Liam, your first squad mate. I hate him partly as a joke but also partly as in he’s just acting like a chump. Interactions with other characters is about what I’d expect from ME games as well with some being fairly interesting, others dull as hell and then there’s those you just can’t wait for something bad to happen to them.

The combat just feels good. There are so many options on how you can attack your enemies and how you can set up your squad that I look forward to every fight. I love the mobility of your new jump-jet style armor and the ability to hover to shoot those pesky enemies hiding in cover is just a huge plus for me (especially since I’m not spec’ing into grenades). Again, frame rate is a very minor issue in this game but it is still noticeable with some larger engagements or in certain areas. Combos are very satisfying to pull off with a “Primer/Detonator” category for each ability. EG: Using my Cryo Beam to freeze an enemy then hit him with Energy Drain to replenish my own shields while devastating the enemy with an explosive reaction is just too much fun.

Multiplayer is murderous mayhem and an absolute blast to play with friends. Individual character progression, item packs with random loot and challenging difficulties all further my addiction with the multiplayer side of this game. It took one match alone to realize you almost definitely need people, friends or random, to do anything in the match; difficulty is tough but very doable. It’s very satisfying setting up combos and combo chains with others in a small violent arena.

All-in-all, I’d say I still have a long way to go before I’m happy with my skill load out and character progression but I am having an absolute blast so far. Scanning can be kind of tedious but very helpful with the research you’ll need later on and even for finding secrets. For any Mass Effect fan this game is a must buy, If your already on the fence I would say wait it out pick it up during a time of the year when its dropped price & there aint much else new out to play.

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