Resident Evil 7 Demonstration

If you have all not known me to be a huge horror nerd well…you should get to know me, I’m into the freaky spooky shit. So naturally when Playstation offered the Resident Evil 7 demo for those who are PS+ members, I hoped on that train. There has been a lot of skepticism and complaints because the demo is not part of the final product. Part of me says well duh, part of me is a little sad about it. BUT, the demo gives us an insight on where they plan on going with the game play and how scared they can really make us (or me). So let’s get to it!


RE7 was demonstrated during the Playstation E3 conference as a VR demo (which they made playable after the showcase) and announced that they were making the demo available to us at home. The demo starts with what is obviously a video recording, you the player are sitting in a chair as the person in the room with you wakes up and attempts to free you from your bindings. Then the demo really begins. You awake based out on the floor of a desolate house were your only prompted goal: escape the house. As the player you have the opportunity to explore the room you awoke in and what the house reveals to you.


One of the things that is driving the internet bonkers is the ghost girl who randomly shows up in seven different places, the use of the axe, and what the farts do you do with the dummy finger that you find. I cannot answer one and neither can they! If you have a chance check out the theories, it’s hilarious and my husband said it’s like the movie Number 23 and that’s who everyone is right now.


ANYWHO! The play through is about 10-15 minutes each time you play, there are at least four confirmed endings to the game and a suspected fifth and sixth. A lot of people say this is P.T. and while the first person style is similar, it is not P.T. It puts you in a compromising spot in which you are the one getting hunted. You hear everything, but don’t see everything. I am excited to see the final product when it releases in early 2017. Hopefully, this demo has given a good sign that CAPCOM is going back to its early Resident Evil days.

Review/Opinion Article by Meghan Rodriguez (Twitter: @collins_m81)

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