Nintendo Direct Tomorrow 4/1, They Ain’t Foolin’ This Time

Nintendo is poised to make some announcements tomorrow via Nintendo Direct starting at 6pm EST. Today also happens to be the final day of Nintendo of America’s Club Nintendo rewards program. Will they announce their newly planned rewards program tomorrow? From: Twitter

Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Reveal set for April 17th

For many gamers, Star Wars Battlefront was one of the best Battlefield-esque titles of a generation, perhaps even one of the best Star Wars titles period. On April 17th, EA is set to release a gameplay trailer from the new, DICE developed Star Wars Battlefront. With Star

Crowfall: Hype Machine or the Real Deal?

Like every MMO that has proceeded it, Crowfall is heralding itself as the next big thing. What truly sets it apart is its PvP-centric design, and departure from the theme-park cash grab we’ve all become used to. Based on this article from the Errant Penman,