Motörhead Through The Ages – A Victor Vran Expansion

Motörhead Through The Ages – A Victor Vran Expansion, is being  developed by Haemimont Games and published by Wired Productions. I played it at PAX East, while Nick played The Town of Light.

Each game was on showcase as they are coming to Xbox One and PS4 in early 2017 and they wanted to get people excited. While Nick left feeling pumped for the opportunity to play The Town of Light, I was not so enthused to play Motörhead Through The Ages after the demo had ended.

Perhaps it is that most of the proposed benefits of the game the handler wanted to talk about required you to be familiar with the controls and style of the game. I couldn’t get immersed. I think it was partially my preference for personal space and time to figure games out that did me in, as the handler wanted to point out every detail of an obviously loved game.

The aversion aside the game did feel polished, with a Diablo 3 sensibility. You play as Victor Vran who has the Van Helsing thing going on, hunting demons and saving the village. What the handler so was excited to show me, and was pretty cool after I had a few moments to get grounded, was that the band Motörhead was intimately a part of the game. Vran’s abilities and enemies/bosses are tailored to Motörhead. One “Demon Power” has enemies head banging while you move in to slash at them with your sword or shoot energy beams with your electric guitar. Another has you summon a Bomber inspired by their song of the same name. Finally the boss they showcased was a Warpig, drawn from their insignia.

Something else I enjoyed were the hidden gems within the game that felt unique. You are able to unlock several pictures of the band members that were taken for them game (don’t ask me who as I have no idea).  My favorite were little doodles that one band member had contributed. They were twisted and funny and fit in well with the games themes.


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