Hitman Episode 3 Review



Again before we get started I would like to inform everyone that due to the episodic style of Hitman the review will go up in parts and not have a score until the final piece is released. Also the reviews will be as spoiler free as possible.


We open up to a cut scene explaining an interesting set of events and seemingly a time sensitive job that picks up after the events in Sapienza. Agent 47 must travel to Marrakesh where he is given another 2 targets to eliminate. This keeps with the same formula following the first two episodes. Once in Marrakesh you find yourself walking through crowds of people in a market before making your way through to the embassy. Back alleys and tunnels make for interesting encounters and offer cleaver ways to complete the mission.




From the beginning of this mission it seemed promising. It was set up well in the opening cinematic but once I started making my way deeper into the mission I noticed some things that took me out of the experience. For example the crowds seemed lifeless in some areas as I wondered through them. Even in the areas where a riot was about to take place I never felt the sense that something big was about to happen. The scale of the environment seemed toned down compared to previous missions as well. I experienced some clipping and audio problems that seemed to come and go. Reloading a save would get rid of those issues but it became frustrating having to do that. The voice acting came across bland when I actually encountered conversations.  There was however more than a few satisfying ways to eliminate the targets. As far as the story line goes the ending cut scene also made me eager to play the next episode.




The setting had plenty of avenues for you to explore. With some very interesting things you can pick up and choose to use. Yet for some reason this episode felt much more stream lined and thrown together. Luckily the replay value seems to still be there as you have many different ways to replay and eliminate the targets. Surely some elusive targets and community created targets will add a different spice to the mission. This episode wasn’t all bad but it didn’t live up to the previous missions. Yet I find myself still intrigued by where they are taking this story.


Cory J.

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