Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4 Trailer

Square Enix today released the launch trailer of their upcoming content patch for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Patch 3.4, titled Soul Surrender will narratively focus on the Warriors of Darkness, in addition to adding two new dungeons, the final tier of the end game raid – Alexander: The Creator, new Hildebrand quests, a brand weekly activity called Wondrous Tales, new gear sets and weapons, new tomestones and the removal of the weekly cap on current tomes, new Warring Triad quests culminating in an epic battle with Sophia The Goddess, a dueling system allowing players to fight each other 1v1, floors 51-200 of the Palace of The Dead as well as numerous other additions including job tweaks and enhancements.

Having put way more hours into Final Fantasy XIV than I care to admit, patch 3.4 is going to keep me occupied for some time.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.4 Soul Surrender will release on Tuesday 27th September worldwide.

Article written by Richard Doyle.
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