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Ep 74 – “New” Retro Games

Join Late Night Gamers this week as we discuss Gamestop’s move to buy and sell retro consoles and games—again…Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is rumored…Nintendo’s 3DS gets the Unity Engine…Steve joins us from the abyss with his gaming… iTunes Soundcloud The Pod Bros Network

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Hearthstone on iPhone Closer than We Thought?

Some datamined textures and strings from the most recent Hearthstone patch show new smartphone-sized textures. Does this mean we’ll see Hearthstone launch on iPhone in the coming weeks or months? From: Touch Arcade Tim

Destiny Impressions

Destiny released about three weeks ago and there have been quite a few mixed emotions. I’m going to start by saying that this is not considered a review of Bungie’s new game Destiny, as I’m not scoring it, but rather just a log of my

Are You Playing Destiny on Playstation 4?

Well then it’s about time you joined our Playstation clan, Late Nite Guardians. We know that “night” is spelled wrong, but another group of no-gooders stole the name out from under us. Thank you xXShifftyXx (@shiffty25) for creating the clan and getting a great group of

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Pick Me Up!

Every gaming event that I’ve attended has required me to take a bus. In fact I will choose to take a bus every time because it’s just a hell of a lot easier. The Late Night Gamer crew has done the “driving to events” thing in