Bloodborne-A Mini Review

Let’s start out with the question of why? Why is it that so many people are drawn to the frustration of trying and trying again to move through Yharnam and the Church and other areas as night progresses? I have never been a big fan of games that produce very strange amounts of rage and normally get disinterested in playing the same area over and over again, but I fell in love with Bloodborne. AND I have actually made progression. Which is quite amazing for me because from what I learned from playing Dark Souls II is that I am really, REALLY bad at these types of games. Playing this game has led me to a potential answer to why people keep playing games even though they are rage inducing and difficult and that is: The satisfaction of progressing is incredibly rewarding. As I was able to learn how to make it through an area, through many trials and errors, I gained a large amount of satisfaction when I was able to start exploring other areas. The learning process was frustrating but the reward of progression was very uplifting. Beating the bosses is incredible to do, because you finally found the strategy that worked or lucked out so well that it leaves that feeling like a miracle just happened. As a gamer, there seems to be a lack of true challenge in many of the games that are pumped out, this game helps bring back some frustrations that lead us to be truly happy with how we progress through a story or from area to area. Though this game can feel very repetitive when it comes to dying and trying to retrieve your Blood Echoes, you can’t stop till you progress. I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys being tortured till they win and for anyone who is awful, and I mean AWFUL at Dark Souls. To those who are currently playing, I look forward to potentially joining you in the Hunt or dueling to the death as I progress through the game. I wish everyone luck on their hunt and May the Good Blood Guide You. -A mini-review/opinion article by Meghan Rodriguez (Twitter: @collins_m81)

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