Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Reveal set for April 17th

For many gamers, Star Wars Battlefront was one of the best Battlefield-esque titles of a generation, perhaps even one of the best Star Wars titles period. On April 17th, EA is set to release a gameplay trailer from the new, DICE developed Star Wars Battlefront. With Star

Crowfall: Hype Machine or the Real Deal?

Like every MMO that has proceeded it, Crowfall is heralding itself as the next big thing. What truly sets it apart is its PvP-centric design, and departure from the theme-park cash grab we’ve all become used to. Based on this article from the Errant Penman,

The Ever-Evolving PAX

I generally like Vice, but this article is a little overly sensationalist, as if the lack of diversity is somehow PAX’s or the attendee’s fault and not just a symptom of American society’s problems. That being said, the article had one really potent quote below.

Destiny Impressions

Destiny released about three weeks ago and there have been quite a few mixed emotions. I’m going to start by saying that this is not considered a review of Bungie’s new game Destiny, as I’m not scoring it, but rather just a log of my