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Live Event Viewer is dead.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that the Live Event Viewer will be discontinued. Starting January 10th,  you will no longer be able to use the app, from there you will have to use the PlayStation Store to purchase live events, which I love that idea

Firewatch REVIEW

Getting lost is incredibly easy in Firewatch‘s intimate sliver of national forest. Instead of a mini-map or a bright flashing arrow, protagonist Henry gets a compass and a less-than-detailed paper map that he has to physically hold in front of him to even see where he

Mass Effect Andromeda CES 2017 Game Play

It’s been a big week for Mass Effect fans. Not only do we now have a release date for the next game in the sci-fi series — Mass Effect: Andromeda is out on March 21st. Wednesday developer BioWare released new footage of Andromeda during Nvidia’s

Most Downloaded PS4 Games of 2016!

Every year Sony lists the most downloaded games on PSN. This year, it surprisingly wasn’t Uncharted 4, Call of Duty, or FIFA taking #1. Most downloaded PS4 games in 2016 (North America) Rocket League Battlefield 1 Minecraft Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Tom Clancy’s The

[Opinion] The Best PS4 Exclusives

For all of you guys that just got a PlayStation 4 for Christmas, welcome to the BEST place to play! Now, since you just got a PlayStation, or for those of you that already have one and are looking for something new to play, here’s

PS Plus: Free Games for January 2017

If you didn’t already have enough games to play from the last few weeks of great sales & gifts,  PlayStation has just announced the PS+ Titles for January 2017. This month we have the excellent Day of the Tentacle Remastered and This War of Mine:

London Studio Making a RDR?

So, what the hell is London Studio working on? PlayStation VR World’s is out, their second team has been quiet since 2014. What are they working on? Well, 3 concept arts from Sony leaked last year in 2015. Everyone thought that this was Red Dead

Hue [Review]

Title: Hue Format: PSN (246MB) Release Date: August 30th, 2016 Publisher: Curve Digital Developer: Fiddlesticks Original MSRP: $14.99 ESRB Rating: E PS4 Pro Support: No PS VR Support: No  Hue. This little indie darling is one of a kind. The story is short and simple: Hue is creating rifts in the