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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Review

It’s cold, dark, and beautiful as I explore a wondrous new area in Horizon’s The Frozen Wild DLC and it’s the perfect reason to jump back in for season’s players, or something to look forward to for newcomers. Though this has to be said right

REVIEW: Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerilla Games took a huge risk with Horizon Zero Dawn. The developer responsible for the Killzone franchise took a giant step, no leap, out of their comfort zone to deliver one of the most brilliant open world games I have ever played (and I’m roughly

Horizon Zero Dawn has gone gold

The highly anticipated ps4 exclusive action-RPG Horizon Zero Dawn has officially “gone gold,” meaning Guerilla Games has completed its work on their hugely ambitious project . Numerous members of the development team took to twitter in celebration of their achievements. Guerrilla Games first brand new IP

New Horizon: Zero Dawn trailer!

Horizon: Zero Dawn gained it’s second to last trailer, this time it’s for the story and holy shit this looks absolutely INSANE! Horizon: Zero Dawn launches February 28th, 2017 #OnlyOnPlayStation by the Killzone studio, Guerrilla Cambridge. Horizon joins one of many games using DECIMA, Guerrilla

Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Pro Enhancements Detailed

Today, Guerrilla Games Technical Director Michiel van der Leeuw went in-depth on how the PlayStation 4 Pro will benefit Horizon Zero Dawn. To start, van der Leeuw explained that Horizon Zero Dawn was running on a standard PS4 during the past two E3s and the final release will “look