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Pokemon Go Valentines Event

The Valentines event is now live for Pokemon Go fans! The event will go from today until 11am PT Feb. 15th. During the event trainers will enjoy double the candy for catching and transferring Pokémon as well as increased candy from egg hatching. Your buddy

Super Mario Run [REVIEW]

Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s first officially licensed mobile game using their beloved character, Mario. It is an auto-runner that is touted as having the ability to be played with a single hand. Although the concept seems like it should work for this genre of sidescrolling

‘Super Mario Run’ Launches Today on iOS!

Nintendo’s first mobile game “Super Mario Run” launches today! Gamers will be able to play this sidescrolling auto-runner on iOS today, with Android devices being supported in early 2017. The game is available for free, but will limit the number of levels that are available.