DriveClub [Review]

Title: DriveClub
Format: PSN
Release Date: October 14th, 2014
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Evolution Studios
MSRP: $7.49
ESRB Rating: E
PS4 Pro Support: Yes via a separate title called DriveClub VR
PS VR Support: Yes via a separate title called DriveClub VR


So, here we are. It’s been what, about 2.5 years since the release of DriveClub. The game is sadly dead now, Evolution was closed down due to the lack of sales (even though DC hit 2 million sold in 2015 and probably passed 3 million by now) and it’s very, VERY rocky start. Thankfully, Evolution was bought out by CodeMasters and the team was saved!

The game was awesome to put it simply. Controlling cars (and bikes) in the game was very nice, well depending on the car. Turning was a little annoying though since some cars just wouldn’t cooperate with what you were trying to do.

DriveClub was envisioned to be an online racer and it shows throughout the game. Racing through the story has trials were you race against other player’s performance on a track.

DriveClub’s graphics still are outstanding today. Everything from particle effects to the gorgeous car models are a sight to behold. The game sadly only runs at 1080p/30 though, I wish Evolution would patch the game to support 1080p/60 on PlayStation 4 Pro! This game would also greatly benefit from the inclusion of HDR!

DriveClub had monthly updates since launch, spanning almost a year and a half after launch. A new track pack monthly and even had a standalone DriveClub Bikes games which centered around… well, Bikes.

DriveClub and Destiny are similar and one major way. They both got better over time. Even after the failed launch of this PS4 racer, Evolution’s commitment to the game was strong and long lasting as the original game received so many DLC adds on for the story that it was completely insane. DriveClub also gained the new DriveClub VR tracks in a later patch, talk about commitment!

DriveClub is one of the best racing games, if not the best this generation. If this was a day 1 review, I’d honestly give the game around a 5. But now that everything has released and all the patches are taken into account.


Score: 9/10

Reviewed on PS4

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